Parenting Coordinator

Parents who are living apart often find themselves in need of outside help to resolve conflicts resulting from differences of opinion over the best interests of their children. This is especially true when a difficult divorce, a separation or an ongoing dispute creates resentment between the parents.

When parents are in conflict and faced with the task of learning how to work together for the best interests of their children, they may decide to call upon the services of a Parenting Coordinator. The role of a parenting coordinator is to help families in conflict come to a successful resolution of issues related to co-parenting their children.

A judge may also legally mandate the appointment of a parenting coordinator to work with a family in order to resolve disputes. In high-conflict cases, the court may find that the appointment is in the best interests of any minor child in the case, sometimes even when the parents would choose otherwise.

The general responsibilities of the parenting coordinator are:

  • Assist parents in implementing a custody/visitation order on an ongoing basis
  • Reduce conflict between parents; Facilitate both parents’ relationships with the children
  • Provide attorneys and any party with written summaries of developments in the case
  • Act to resolve any minor issues that may or may not be specifically governed by the court order, over which the parents reach an impasse, until further orders are entered
  • Empower the parties to successfully resolve conflicts over the children on their own

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